September 2013 Breaking News RussiaChina warns catastrophic consequences military intervention Syria

September 2013 Breaking News President Barack Obama to take on Syria alone? – Last Days Final Hour News prophecy update Russia and China have stepped up thei…

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48 thoughts on “September 2013 Breaking News RussiaChina warns catastrophic consequences military intervention Syria

  1. i don t fully understand, it s syria’s civil war, let it be, let them fight for their home dipute, why wage interference, it s non of other’s business

  2. America is tired of these unfounded wars and Congress is not doing their job!
    It’s time we replace those who side with Obama least we find ourselves in WW!!!


  4. i watched this maybe 3 times but not for the interest of the war.. just because of the hotti at 2:31 i fell in love with her ..eyes lips the way she talks so beautiful …wish i was her hubby

  5. 25% of the rebel Terrorist at from Libya, what happen to the thousands of missing chemical weapons from Libya? The US talks about stopping the use of chemical weapons but what about the deplete uranium shells they dropped all over Iraq and Afghanistan? The US talks about dead children what about the countless children Obama killed with his drone strikes? The double standard war mongers will stop at nothing until their Agenda 21 plan is full filled!

  6. So let me get this straight mr. kerry. You can kill women and children with drone strikes but not chemical weapons? Shouldn’t they both be wrong to use?

  7. I like debating at times, but I think I’ll stop posting and allow world leaders to sort this out!! God bless everyone and I hope this works out because “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing!!” With that said my fellow Christians Good Night!!!

  8. Dude, you’re missing the big picture!! You’re not worthy of my attention!! BTW The Colts suck ass!!

  9. Obama’s executive orders, NDAA and healthcare package is treason. We should lock him up in Guantanamo with George Bush.

  10. Order in the middle East ha thats an oxymoron. Why do we have to maintain the order again? Oil?
    Obama is bombing women and children with drones, whats the difference? Plus if we take out their regime, terrorist will run the country. Is that better?
    BTW stop whining to get your point across.

  11. As a conservative American I find your comments appalling Rep… While I believe we should stay out f Syria as well, you should watch yourself when you invite other nations yo invade us or take out our president. Borders on treasonous son.

  12. Standing up for what is right is admitting that our money funded the chemical attack. You are the dummy.

  13. And how many times do I have to tell YOU that Obama gave them OUR money to pay for the chemical attacks. You ARE stupid. WE are responsible because OUR money funded it. Good God get it through your thick head already.

  14. Bull! Bush, Reagan or Kennedy were not impeached for standing up for what is right and Obama has the communication skills to advise China and Russia the purpose of the mission which will soon start and will stop chemical fucking weapons from being used as well as demonstrate to the world the consequences of such actions!! Putin is no dummy and will get it or everyone loses in the end and once again Putin will not allow that to happen!! I have faith in Putin’s intellect!!

  15. You are the only bullshit. Are you really this ignorant or just plain stupid? Move on to something you know anything about. This isn’t your forte.

  16. Bullshit, Order has to be maintained in the Middle East and chemical weapons being used against women and children has to be dealt with or they will fucking wind up in YOUR backyard!! How many fucking times do I have to say this shit!!!

  17. Again, clueless! We funded the rebels and we now want to attack Syria’s government. Yet again, you are a complete moron. You don’t find it funny that you are one of very few who say go to war??? Take a hint…. clearly you aren’t seeing correctly. People who have no knowledge on a certain subject should just keep out of it! Their civil war isn’t even any of our business. We need all troops here at home. You are going to see a weak leader when Obama gets himself impeached.

  18. Funny how quiet Israel has been over this situation. If we just launch some ineffective tomahawks, Israel will suffer the brunt of the retaliation which could lead to an immediate escalation. Its a powder keg and Obama isnt fit to make the call or his front man Kerry.
    This stinks like a false flag operation.

  19. Bullshit! I say call their bluff and clearly articulate to them why the U.S. is doing what they are doing!!

  20. Clueless I’m not!! Your country trained and funded Osama and it didn’t work out right so you guys had to take him out! Dude, have you studied your history? This happens all the time just like Bush Jr had to finish the Iraq job!! Republicans have such a fucking double standard (Do as I say and not as I do). You my friend must examine history and realize this situation is a bluff charge of sorts to see if the US has a weak leader similar to what Reagan and Kennedy had to deal with!!

  21. 15000 Russians troops are in the states. Something is going on the the world that we don’t know about. Obama and Putin got something going on.

  22. You fool, shut your ignorant mouth already. You clearly know nothing on the subject. In the next 48 hours, chances are we will be attacked for attacking Syria. Russia and China has made it clear they will take action against us. When our allies run for the hills, something isn’t right! Certain countries always have our backs, and they fled! This isn’t about political parties right now, this is about America. Our government is about to make a terrible mistake for the future of this country.


    The Prince O Peace Prize now to prove he needs no approval to make wars.





    “COMET” ISON hasteneth… MATT.24:30? MARANATHA!!! SHALOM IN CHRIST :)

  24. Wow. You really are clueless! It matters 100000% who was responsible for the chemical attacks!!! Obama sent almost $900 million of OUR money to aid the rebels. Again, if the rebels were responsible for the chemical attacks, WE funded it. We can’t cause something and then attack them for it! How old are you, 10? This is basic knowledge. People like you are what is wrong with this country. Too lazy for facts, that’s how we got in this mess. Way to be a responsible citizen….

  25. The bottom line is if Obama does nothing the Middle East will be a chemical cesspool and Putin and China will back the fuck down when they see your President has balls (Just like Ronnie did!!)

  26. The Soviets and China are like rogue Lions looking to take over a pride! In order to do this they must beat the top Lion (US and it’s Allies). One thing abut rogue lions is sometimes they attempt to take out the top Lion before they are mature enough or experienced enough to handle the job and they get their asses handed to them! But Putin is obviously intelligent enough to see in a nuclear war there will be no winners and our planet will be destroyed by nuclear winter which Putin won’t allow!!

  27. Are you nuts???? ALL parties were for the patriot act at the time… and it was KNOWN that suspicious people would be listened in on! Obama swore he was against it and we only found out because a whistleblower fled the damn country!!! You are so ignorant, you have NO idea what is about to happen. For the first time, 99.9% of the world is seeing what our Nobel Peace Prize winner is capable of. You are one of the very few who are just plain stupid. Good luck, we’ll need it.

  28. Who gives a fuck who was responsible!! Who was responsible for 911? We don’t know for sure do we? WTC 7 collapsing? We don’t know for sure do we? The problem is wherever the chemical weapons are we need to find them and destroy them and their delivery systems or they will wind up in your back yard? Capiche!!!

  29. Hey Republican, Where were you when the Patriot act was passed? Your party didn’t say shit. Where were you when we attacked Iraq (Whom had no ties to Al Qaeda) based on lies? Your party didn’t say shit! And now you want to say “Why are other countries allowing Obama to get away with this???” Waaaaaah Waaahhhhhh get the fuck out of here!

  30. The UN has now announced that they will be out of the way by early tomorrow to clear the way for US strikes! The government lies to us AND the media! This isn’t good…

  31. Why are other countries allowing Obama to get away with this??? My God, he didn’t even get the approval of congress…. this is a dictatorship! Over 90% of us Americans do NOT want any part of this! Somebody help stop this monster that the entire world helped create by praising him like a God during the elections. He owns the media here in the US so most citizens don’t realize what is even going on! Dead serious, other countries need to step in ASAP!!! We aren’t able to stop our government!

  32. Exactly what I WANT TO KNOW! This reminds me of the 9/11 investigation. What a joke!! They will just scrape away all of the evidence and blame it on the Syrian Government… just like they planned to do YEARS ago. This is apart of the the Agenda. Expansion in the middle east. That’s what we are doing!

  33. If you want a nuke blown straight up your ass, then keep your comments going because it is what will happen. Russia and China both made it VERY CLEAR what would happen if the United States were to strike Syria.

  34. Seriously? Oh shut the fuck up!! You are quite the fucking idiot, aren’t you? Do you even realize the repercussions of attacking Syria? Do you realize how many innocent civilians are going to be killed?? Did you even consider what kind of war this would spiral into?? We are talking World War III scenarios here!

  35. Russia is always up our ass watching every move our navy might be doing. that’s why we call it operation big eyes . they have to fuel there ships more often . are nukes ships stay days away from them.

  36. perhaps you’re confused because you might not know that the war in Syria is a civil war. The Govt is referred to as Assad’s (their leader) and the rebels are trying to overthrow him and his regime. Assad has allowed Christians to worship. USA is siding with the rebels and against chem weapon use. if the rebels win we do not know if the new ruler would be worse (ie Muslim brotherhood). Russia is with China and FOR Assad. France is with USA & rebels.

  37. I watched the so called speech that Obama and Kerry gave today, they never once gave any evidence that the Syrian Government had anything to do with the bombing. All that was voiced was that “actions are being discussed” ” no boots will be on the ground”, they both said. The fact that our ships are in the same water as the Russian ships is cause for concern. This all just got real fast. Russia told the US that if we got involved in any way there would be severe consequences…. Not Good at all..

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